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Lonely Man Excited About Possible Attention Getting COVID-19 Could Bring Him

One North Carolina man sees a brighter future if he can manage to contract the virus.

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WILMINGTON, N.C. – A lonely man who normally stays at home by himself most of the time is reportedly excited about the opportunity to contract COVID-19, thinking it might bring him some of the attention he’s been too depressed to seek out on his own and encourage neighbors to check in on him more frequently.

“When this whole [outbreak] started, there was so much focus on the first patients and I was thinking, ‘Man, I could be on CNN or something if I can just get this thing,'” the man said in an email interview. “At the very least my family might get worried and check in on me if they hear I have a trending disease like this.”

Now, weeks and months into the pandemic and with tens of thousands infected, the appeal of being one of the first is long gone. Still, the man believes that contracting the virus would bring him extra attention, especially if he can look really sick in a picture and post it on Facebook.

“Basically at a time when everyone else is washing their hands and taking great care, I’m licking my fingers like I’ve just finished a bag of Doritos,” he said. “I want it so bad. I’m just imagining all the comments I would get and it gives me hope for a better future, and a new me.”


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