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First Date Benefits From Excessive Drinking

“I think for once in my life the binge-drinking Gods have smiled upon me,” the man said of his booze-fueled date.

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PHILADELPHIA, PA – Ron Levine, 24, and his date, Janice Corwen, 22, met at the single’s table of a mutual friend’s wedding reception two weeks ago, exchanging information after sharing a dance. Not wanting to scare her away, Levine waited six full days before finally texting Corwen, who kept her excitement in check.

“I thought he was like all the rest of them,” Corwen said. “By the third day I assumed he wasn’t interested. But then he finally got in touch a few days later and I figured what the hell.”

At approximately 10 p.m. on Friday night, the two embarked on their first official date, heading out to a party hosted by Levine’s friend. The two arrived together shortly after the keg was tapped, and they toasted themselves over two glasses of Natural Light.

“I wanted to do something more personal for the first date rather than the typical dinner and a movie crap,” said Levine. “I figured there was no better place for her to see the real me and vice versa than at a party.”

What happened next was something Levine never anticipated: Corwen took it upon herself to have a good time.

“When I first got there she was always at my side and I thought I was going to have to babysit her all night,” Levine said. “But after her second beer-bong she really started to loosen up and meet my friends.”

“I don’t know what came over me, I just had this burst of confidence,” Corwen said.

As Corwen grew more comfortable, Levine took the opportunity to chat amongst friends. Never looking back, he took down several shots of liquor before returning to beer.

It was then that things became a little more hazy as the clock pusher farther and farther into the early morning. Corwen and Levine sat at a table with friends and played games such as “Never Have I Ever” in order to get to know each other better.

“Don’t get me wrong, there was some awkwardness,” Levine said. “But I kept drinking and before I knew it, I was really into the little games we were playing.”

Corwen added that she was nervous about making a good impression, but by the time they actually got around to talking one-on-one, she said she was “just too drunk to care.”

The two spent the night together on a pull-out couch in the basement. They awoke the next morning on good terms, despite the fact that they both admittedly remembered “very little” about the hours before bed.

“I think for once in my life the binge-drinking Gods have smiled upon me,” Levine said. “Allowing both of us to blackout the same embarrassing moments and move forward believing everything went well.”

The next date will most likely be either next Friday or Saturday, depending on which night Steve Grey’s older brother can get them another keg.


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