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Emoji Fails to Properly Capture Just How Mad Girl Actually Is

A young woman sent the wrong emoji to her friend last night.

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NEW YORK CITY – A young woman sent an “angry face” emoji to her friend tonight, only to realize moments later that she was way angrier than that and should have sent a “pouting face” emoji instead.

Although they look similar, with enraged eyebrows and a frowning mouth, the “pouting face” emoji is red, signaling a stronger degree of anger than the standard, yellow-faced angry emoji.

“There’s no question,” the young woman told The Pail. “I’m much madder than that.”

The young woman said she knew it was an understatement the moment she sent it, but feels it would be too confusing for her friend if she sent the pouting face now. “She would think I’m getting madder and madder and that’s not true… I’m already as mad as I can be.”

She said she planned to use the “pouting face” emoji from here on out this evening and reevaluate tomorrow.


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